donation guidelines

donation guidelines

These guidelines will fluctuate with market conditions and our capacity.

Donations are accepted daily up to 1 hour before closing. If you have questions, you can contact us by phone or e-mail.

The Rebuild-it Community Project is a 501c(3) nonprofit, Tax ID# 30-0640434. Your donations may be tax-deductible, if your donation is in “good used condition or better.” IRS regulations allow you to establish and document the value of your donations. A receipt acknowledging your donation can be given to you when you donate.


Doors: in good condition only, preferably with entire frame assembly.

Windows : any, except for single pane aluminum-frame and single pane wood-framed.

Cabinets: certain types in good condition- straight run sections- no inside corners.

Electrical:  parts, wire, plugs, and hardware that meet electrical codes.

Flooring: new, or in good condition for re-use.

Carpet: new or used in very good condition without stains, odors, or holes. 10’X10’ min.

Wood: new or used without adhesive or nails.

Laminate: new only, all types in full boxes.

Linoleum: new only.

Tile: new only, preferably in boxes- no small remnant or broken pieces. 

Hardware: knobs, hinges, locks, nails, cabinet pulls, nuts, bolts, screws, sorted miscellaneous.

Lighting: working light fixtures. No fluorescent tube lights.

Lumber – Plywood – Siding – Trim: four feet or longer. Full and 1/2 sheets of plywood or panel siding, Please, no rot, nails or screws sticking out.

Pipe and fittings: PVC –  PEX – Metal – Copper, four feet or longer.

Plumbing: Tubs – Sinks – Showers, in very good condition and clean.

Roofing: all types, whole bundles of shingles, rolled roofing material, metal roofing, flashing  Gutters full pieces, couplers, elbows, without rust or damage.

Bricks & Block: whole pieces in good condition.


We cannot accept the items listed below.

NO broken items or items requiring assembly, repair or extensive cleaning.

Damaged beyond repair.

Incomplete or missing parts.

Glass – flat sheet glass (except wavy or textured).

Mixed containers of hardware- screws, nails, bolts, etc.

Oil Tanks.

Tank Water heaters  (neither gas nor electric).

Hollow Core Doors without jamb (frame).

Window Shades, Blinds, and Curtains.

Cabinet Parts- drawers or doors without cabinet.

We CAN’T accept these unsafe items.

Please dispose of them safely through hazardous waste disposal at Tri County Recycle & Hazardous Waste.

Lead-painted items.

Items containing hazards such as PCBs, Asbestos, Mercury.

Fluorescent lighting with ballasts containing PCBs.


Smoke Detectors.