Light fixture donations

There are many ways to donate to the Gorge Rebuildit Center.  We’ve listed several options below.  Please review our materials criteria page for details on what we or will not accept, or call us with questions before you arrive:  541-387-4387. 

Help us continue to benefit our community. Your unneeded and reusable building materials can go a long way in our community. Gorge Rebuild-it Center depends on donated materials to deliver the many benefits we provide to the Mid-Columbia area.  By donating to Gorge Rebuild-it Center, you can…

  • Free up needed space and eliminate disposal fees
  • Provide useful materials to others, so that they may improve their buildings
  • Conserve landfill space, leaving more room for parks, schools, etc…
  • Receive a potential tax deduction

Donation Options:

  1. Donate materials to the Gorge Rebuild-it Center
    Walk in: We ask that you drop off your donations at our store, at least one hour before closing.
    Pick up service: now available on a limited basis. Call or e-mail us to inquire about this service. 
  2. Donate needed equipment or supplies
    This is your community project, your local non profit, whose mission is to address resource and sustainable solid waste issues that affect us all.  We’re working our hardest to make this mission a success.  The better equipped we are, the better we are able to accomplish (y)our goals.   So…any help is gratefully received – and rewarding!
  3. Donate funds!
    If you support our mission but are unable to give in the previous ways, please consider a fiscal donation!  Your cash donation will also go a long way in helping us to better serve the community.Your generous gifts can help us in so many ways beyond our capital needs:
    •Capital improvements
    •Marketing, education, outreach
    •Information Technology assistance

Thank you for your support!