gorge rebuild-it community project

gorge rebuild-it community project

News flash!  September 14, 2011: The Gorge Rebuild-it Center is leaving the nest!

After 9 years under fiscal sponsorship of the Columbia Gorge Earth Center, the Gorge Rebuild-it Center is now operating under the new non-profit organization, the Gorge Rebuild-it Community Project.

In addition its role in directing the retail store, the Gorge Rebuild-it Community Project is planning educational programs and events aimed at sustainable building materials and practices, including recycled and reclaimed materials with recycled content. All of which diverts solid waste from our landfills; and which you, the Gorge Rebuild-it patron, do every time you donate a good useful building material or fixture or cabinet to the Gorge Rebuild-it Center. Last year GRC diverted 78 tons of material from the landfill, helping to preserve the planet’s resources.

The Gorge Rebuild-it Community Project’s Waste Not Series began with a showing of the movie Bag it: Is Your Life too Plastic? “Film-maker Jeb Berrier started with a film about plastic bags that evolves into a wholesale investigation into plastic and its affect on our waterways, oceans, and even our own bodies.” The second in the series was a showing Oliver Hodge’s award winning film Garbage Warrior “about maverick architect Michael Reynolds who for more than 35 years has been passionately creating self-sustaining buildings from simple natural materials and the detritus of consumer society: tires, beer cans, glass and plastic bottles.”(See GRCP-past events).  The Gorge Rebuild-it Community Project is committed to bringing you information about reducing waste and protecting the environment.

One of the Gorge Rebuild-it Community Project’s planned future events promises to be fun and creative – an annual contest made from goods found at the Gorge Rebuild-it Center. The challenge will be who can take the product and make the most imaginative THING. This event will stretch the imagination and give building materials a new life and meaning.

The Gorge Rebuild-it Community Project invites you to join our Board of Directors. We are always happy to receive new members. Meetings are held at Gorge Rebuild-it’s Office, on the second Tuesday of every month at 7 pm. Anyone who is interested in becoming a board member is welcome to attend.


Contact the Gorge Rebuild-it Community Project by email at GRCP@gorge.net

Board of Directors

If interested in joining our board of directors, stop  by GRC and pick up application..