Gorge ReBuild-it Community Project

Tag line: Keeping good building materials out of the waste stream

Gorge ReBuild-it Mission & Purpose

  1. Put good used building material back into service and Reduce landfill (40% of landfill is building waste)
  2. Provide affordable building materials
  3. Provide Green & sustainable building and design education -attract other waste based, businesses, attract green building materials businesses
  4. Create employment opportunities
  5. Create value added products out of used building materials
  6. Operate self sufficiently

Vision: Plan for the next 3 years

65% Retail store – donations and sales of good used building materials.

The Gorge Rebuild-it Center took in 78 tons of material that would have otherwise gone to landfill last year.

  • Keeps good used building materials out of the waste stream
  • Reduces environmental problems caused by solid waste
  • Lessens further extraction of raw material from the earth by utilizing already mined & processed material
  • Customers can buy smaller pieces for home projects and contractors to donate these pieces rather than dumpster and landfill them.
  • Customers at The Gorge Rebuild-it Center get direct information about solid waste issues and enjoy the knowledge that their actions have a positive effect on the environment.
  • The Gorge Rebuild-it Community Project’s Volunteers Program at the store exposes the public to these issues.

5% Sustainable Building Information Hub – On-site* Education

  • A “clearing house” for sustainable building practices and materials. For example, information on how to obtain “urbanite” from the Hood River Transfer Station for home use as pavers, information on compost classes, etc.
  • Volunteer made displays that depict sustainable practices like insulation made from recycled materials and projects using materials available at The Gorge Rebuild-it Center.
  • Info Alley is a bulletin board and area for use by any related service or display.
  • *Gorge Rebuild-it would like to own its site someday

20% Educational Presentations

Provide information to the public concerning problems caused to the environment by solid waste and the advantages of reuse, sustainable building, & inspire other waste based businesses. Programs generally take the form of workshops, films, and lectures featuring guest speakers.

  • Why recycled materials are “sustainable” and lessen impact to the environment and improve social equity
  • How to build with recycled materials
  • How to create value added products from recycled building materials
  • Provide information on alternative building materials which are less harmful to the environment
  • Work towards local availability of sustainable and recycled building materials
  • How to determine sustainable qualities from “greenwashing”

10% Special Events – run by volunteer committees

  • Re-Cycled Thing Contest – offering prizes for art created with all used materials from the Gorge Rebuild-it Center and underwritten by local businesses.
  • Design competition for the enclosure of the Gorge Rebuild-it pole building that utilizes materials purchased at Gorge Rebuild-it
  • Earth Day Booth – continue to participate in Earth Day celebrations with an info booth, and displays for public education.