welcome to gorge rebuild-it store

welcome to gorge rebuild-it store

Welcome!  The Gorge Rebuild-it Center is your Community supported non-profit serving the Columbia River Gorge since 2004.

The Gorge Rebuild-it Center- “Keeping good building materials out of the waste stream.”

The Gorge Rebuild-it Center is a retail store whose product line consists of used building materials. The primary mission of the Gorge Rebuild-it Center is to reduce building waste. This effort is an important step towards maintaining a healthy environment. Building waste makes up a whopping 40% of all the material we put into landfills! It’s not just that the waste takes up space in the landfill, reducing building waste reduces the need for extraction of raw materials – a process that disrupts habitat for wildlife and threatens to diminish our clean water and clean air. Reusing these materials eliminates all the greenhouse gases that their creation would have added to the atmosphere and provides affordable building materials. It’s just as important to mention that green space provides us with natural places to recreate and replenish our souls. So it’s win-win all the way around towards the goal to preserve our planet’s resources.

Materials found in the store are reusable and reclaimed items from buildings. Prices start at half of what they would sell for new, and go down from there based on condition. They are donations brought in by the public; contractors, homeowners, businesses and building owners. The good news is that your donations are tax deductible. Products include kitchen and bathroom cabinets, kitchen and bath fixtures, windows and doors, dimensional lumber, lighting, reusable flooring, surplus electrical and plumbing supplies, unused insulation, and any other re-salable building material. You will find shelves overflowing with home improvement materials and goodies for art projects, all looking for a new home.

The recycling of these materials is an essential element in the organization’s mission to combat environmental deterioration, since it prevents the pollution of the environment caused by the usual disposition of these materials. The Gorge Rebuild-it Center reduces local impact to the environment by diverting materials away from our landfills, by providing materials for much needed low-income housing and by creating value-added products. The operation’s receipts are from contributions, and payments for the materials. One of the stated goals of the Gorge Rebuild-it Center is to operate self-sufficiently.

The Gorge Rebuild-it Community Project plans to continue to educate the public through periodic educational events pertaining to the use of the used building materials that are available for purchase at GRC and new green and sustainable building products. The Gorge ReBuild-it Community Project hopes to incorporate other (building) waste-based opportunities as they emerge in the future.

Shopping at re-use stores helps us all. Learn how and see Gorge Rebuild-it featured in the Reuse it video created by the City of Eugene and Bring Recycling