Steve Carlson

Gorge ReBuildIt center marks change in leadership.

After four years as Executive Director, Steve Carlson has stepped aside from the organization’s leadership.  Carlson came on board in 2019 at a particularly low point in the organization’s path  and brought about some much needed change.  Despite struggling through the challenges of the pandemic and employment, The Gorge Rebuild It center has been able to become a financially viable resource for those who are looking for affordable materials for their projects.  Under Carlson’s leadership the nonprofit has established an effective channel for the public to share their excess and unwanted goods with other community members.   In response to the question of what he is going to do next, Carlson said “ Well, I have successfully neglected all of the other parts of my life for the last four years and I hope to take a little time to straighten those things out.”  Long time board member Julie Tucker is currently acting as Interim Director and with the help of the dedicated staff and board intends to move the organization forward in a way that best serves the community.   Now in its twentieth year, The Gorge RebuildIt Center is a nonprofit resale store providing building materials and other resources to the creative doers among us.