gorge rebuild-it center

gorge rebuild-it center

Volunteers Loved Here!

The Gorge Rebuild-It Center wants to give you lots of appreciation and meaningful volunteer work in a fun environment. You’ll be keeping good used material out of the landfill and back into useful service, which helps the earth in so many ways.

We have lots of jobs that will fit your ability and interests. You can:

  • Sit behind the counter helping customers
  • Sort mysterious new donation
  • Put new stuff on display
  • Paint signs
  • Clean up a messy spot
  • Pull nails (it’s very meditative)
  • Build something interesting to show what can be done
  • Pull weeds in the yard
  • Arrange the intake area
  • Take photos and put ads on Gorge Net and Craigslist

Steve Carlson has been named the new executive director of the Gorge Rebuild-It Center. He’s the funnest person ever to take charge of the GRC.

When you fill out an online Volunteer Form, you can show up and get straight to fun… work!

The Gorge Rebuild-it Center is your community supported non-profit, serving the Columbia River Gorge since 2004.

Our Mission: “Keeping good building materials out of the landfill.”

chalkboard showing Gorge Rebuild-it Center NEWS. List of huge remodel items with lots of exclamation points.

Come here first, and keep good stuff out of the landfill.

Buying from the Gorge Rebuild-it Center helps

  • maintain a healthy environment
  • reduce extraction of raw materials, preserving our planet’s resources
  • reduce disruption of wildlife habitat
  • protect our clean air and water
  • eliminate greenhouse gases the creation of new materials would have added to the atmosphere, and
  • provide affordable building materials.

Prices are based on condition. Building materials in the store are often recovered from buildings being remodeled or demolished. They’re donated by people like you–contractors, homeowners, businesses, and building owners. And your donations are tax deductible!

We almost always have kitchen and bathroom cabinets and fixtures, tile, windows and doors, dimensional lumber, lighting, flooring, electrical and plumbing supplies, insulation, and many other good, useful, and usable building materials.

Come see what you can find–it’s an adventure every time!