Who is the GRC?
The Gorge Rebuild-it Center (GRC) has been a beloved resource in the Gorge community since 2003. After twenty years, GRC continues to accept donated, usable building materials and home goods and sell them at affordable prices. Still the only used building material store in Hood River County, the GRC keeps usable building materials out of the landfill and circulating in the hands of Gorge builders, makers, and DIYers. The friendly staff take time to get to know each customer’s project, and enjoy helping people find just the thing they’re looking for. 

Vision – We envision a future with less waste, where the GRC is a vibrant community hub for sustainability that makes it easy, fun, and affordable to reuse. People in our community are educated and conscious about their purchasing choices. They are committed to recycling, reusing and repurposing goods and materials at their highest use.

Theory of Change

Our theory of change is pretty simple. We believe that people will make sustainable choices for people and the planet when we make it easy, fun, and affordable to do so.

The Gorge Rebuild-it Center diverts tons of materials from the landfill annually. Doing so reduces problems associated with solid waste, reduces the extraction of new raw materials and helps you to have a positive effect on the environment

Our Mission & Purpose

  1. Put good used building material back into service instead of the landfill
  2. Provide affordable building materials
  3. Provide educational programs

The GRC:

  • Keeps good used building materials out of the landfill
  • Reduces environmental problems caused by solid waste
  • Lessens further extraction of raw material from the earth by utilizing already mined & processed material
  • Helps customers have a positive effect on the environment.

Educational Presentations

Provide information concerning problems caused to the environment by solid waste and the advantages of reuse, sustainable building. Support other waste based businesses.

Programs can take the form of workshops, films, and lectures featuring guest speakers.

  • How to build with recycled materials
  • How to create value added products from recycled building materials
  • Alternative building materials which are less harmful to the environment